The Snow Queen Ballet Class

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Dance along with Ms. Gina and the Snow Queen! Pretend to be a snowflake, ride with the Snow Queen in her sleigh and talk about the amazing value of friendship. All while learning tendus, pliés and chassés! First, we will start reading the Snow Queen story. Then we will warm up and stretch while we learn first position, plié, relevé and tendu. Dances we will learn are “The Snow Queen”, “Our Friendship is Like the Rose” and “Snow is Falling”. We will also learn to chassé while we pretend to gallop on a horse to meet the Snow Queen and use our ice powers when we pretend to be the Snow Queen! I can’t wait to dance with you!


  • Learn ballet steps such as first position, plié, relevé and tendu
  • Learn ballet jumps such as chassé and sauté
  • Learn creative stretching exercises
  • Learn choreographed dances as we dance with the Snow Queen
  • Create an ice castle, dance like a snowflake and ride a reindeer in our creative activities
  • Learn how to “reverence” and say thank you in a ballet class
  • Perform all your dances for your special audience