The Nutcracker

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Dance along with Ms. Gina and the Nutcracker! Students will learn all about one of the most famous ballets, The Nutcracker! Read along with the Nutcracker story, learn ballet steps and dance with me. Play hide and seek with snowflakes, dance with magical toys and take a sleigh ride to the Land of Sweets! Watch the complete classes or one song at a time. Downloads for the course introduction and curriculum are included in the first lesson.


  • Learn ballet steps such as first position, plié, relevé and tendu
  • Learn ballet jumps such as chassé and sauté
  • Learn creative stretching exercises
  • Learn choreographed dances as we dance like snowflakes and candy
  • Open presents with Clara, pretend to be magical toys and go on a snowy adventure in our creative activities
  • Learn how to “reverence” and say thank you in a ballet class
  • Perform all your dances for your special audience