Wish Upon a Ballet

About Wish Upon a Ballet™!

The Wish Upon a Ballet curriculum was created because I was looking for something creative, fun, exploratory and active for my preschool students.

I wanted my students to learn real ballet steps while being immersed in a fairytale experience! The curriculum includes storytelling and imagination as well as technique to provide the best learning experience for young dancers. The stories are from actual ballets to also inspire my dancers to learn more about ballet history. 

We learn warm-up exercises, choreographed dances as well as fun games and creative movement activities. The students will be exposed to original and classical music while exploring new movements and creative ideas. Students will grow physically, emotionally and build their self confidence!


Read About the Benefits!

Learn Real Ballet Steps

Wish Upon a Ballet teaches real ballet steps such as first position, plié, relevé and tendu!

Expand Imagination

Create an ice castle, dance like a snowflakes, pretend to be animals and go to the ball in our creative activities.

Promote Musicality

My original and classical music stimulates young minds while teaching melody, rhythm and musicality.

Improved Coordination

Dance builds strength, improves posture, enhances flexibility all while teaching grace and poise.

Boost Knowledge

Dance improves brain function including concentration, problem-solving and short- and long-term memory.

Build Self-Esteem

What is better than a child that saying, "Look what I can do!" Students will feel proud as they accomplish their goals!

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