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Real Ballet Steps

Actual ballet that promotes physical development
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Read along with Ms. Gina and learn all about amazing Ballets
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Creative Activities

Expand imagination, creative expression and self confidence

Watch Your Child Grow!

Read all about the benefits of a ballet class for children

Feel the Accomplishment!

When a child learns something new they can’t wait to run to you and say, “Look what I can do!”

A Unique Lesson Plan Designed for Your Child

Take a look at all the amazing things we will cover in this class! This class contains storytelling, dances and creative games to make sure to keep your children engaged.



The Wish Upon a Ballet™ complete curriculum begins with stories. Children will read all about The Snow Queen, Carnival of the Animals, The Nutcracker, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Swan Lake.


Introduction of Ballet Steps and Jumps

Students will be introduced to ballet steps and jumps through warm-up activities and creative activities. Steps learned will be first position, plié, relevé, tendu, chassé and more!


Creative Movement

Let’s pretend to make an ice castle, or pretend to be a cat! How about going on an adventure with Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella! There are so many things to play and pretend while we dance.


Free Extras!

Also included in this class is a free warm, the dance “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, and learning how to say reverence or thank you in a ballet class.


What Are Parents Saying About Wish Upon a Ballet!

"Gina's methods are brilliant and her class is absolutely delightful! Her students are so engaged and having so much fun they learn basic dance steps effortlessly. I love that my child is learning so much in a positive and creative environment!"


"Thank you for providing such a wonderful introduction to dance - My daughter and I BOTH love it. It was exactly what we were looking for and we are always talking about the wonderful program you offer to others! You made my daughter feel so special and so loved. You are amazing! You have truly found your calling and I'm so happy that we found you!"


"The integration of dance, drama, music and literature is great for so many reasons. Children can explore and learn in a variety of ways, while developing their own unique abilities and strengths. Learning is fun and meaningful when framed within the classic children’s stories. Students also learn the value of working together to create something beautiful."


"Gina maintains a well-structured class with plenty of room for laughter and imagination! She is caring and patient, and instructs with such enthusiasm and joy. Gina creates a place where everyone is welcome and learning happens so naturally. Not only has my daughter’s knowledge of dance increased, but her poise and confidence, as well."


Hi! I'm Gina Mayer

Teaching dance to young children for the past 25 years has been such a privilege! The looks on their faces when they accomplish their goals is priceless. I especially love when they run into the dance studio with such excitement and enthusiasm ready to go! The Wish Upon a Ballet™ curriculum is designed specifically with the young dancer’s best interests in mind. I know what they enjoy the most and how to incorporate what they love into a ballet class so they learn. Included are activities that are not only fun but will inspire and promote physical and intellectual growth.

I look forward to seeing you and your little ones in class!

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