Carnival of the Animals

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Dance with Ms. Gina Ballerina in this adorable class for little dancers! Read the Carnival of the Animals story and dance like Lions, Elephants and Mermaids! Learn how to tendu, plié and pas de chat! Watch the complete classes or watch the songs one at a time. Included in lesson one are notes to download with class instructions and the complete curriculum. 


  • Learn ballet steps such as first position, plié, relevé and tendu
  • Learn ballet jumps such as chassé and pas de chat
  • Learn creative stretching exercises
  • Learn choreographed dances as we dance with our favorite animals
  • Find a Mermaid treasure and pretend to be cats, elephants and lions
  • Learn how to “reverence” and say thank you in a ballet class
  • Perform all your dances for your special audience