Wish Upon a Ballet

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The Sleeping Beauty

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Dance along with Ms. Gina and Sleeping Beauty! Pretend to be a fairy, have magic dreams and talk about the amazing value of family and friends. All while learning tendus, pliés and chassés! First, we will start reading the Sleeping Beauty story. Then we will warm up and stretch while we learn first position, plié, relevé and tendu. Dances we will learn are “I am a Fairy”, “Dream Spell” and “You Are Love”. We will also learn to glissade while we jump over puddles and to stepping stones! I can’t wait to dance with you!

  • Learn ballet steps such as first position, plié, relevé and tendu
  • Learn ballet jumps such as glissade and sauté
  • Learn creative stretching exercises
  • Learn choreographed dances as we dance with Princess Aurora
  • Play with forest animals, make a cake for Princess Aurora and catch a fairy in our creative activities
  • Learn how to “reverence” and say thank you in a ballet class
  • Perform all your dances for your special audience!

Topics for this course

  • Welcome Notes
    • Wish Upon a Ballet Introduction

    • The Sleeping Beauty Curriculum Note

  • Sleeping Beauty Dances and Activities
    • Welcome to Wish Upon a Ballet!

    • The Sleeping Beauty Story

    • Warm-Up

    • Special Step - Passé

    • I Am a Fairy

    • Dream Spell

    • You Are Love

    • Jump - Glissade

    • Sleeping Beauty’s Waltz

    • Slow and Fast

    • Reverence (Thank You!)

  • Performance Day!
    • Welcome to Wish Upon a Ballet!

    • A Forest Stroll (Warm Up)

    • I am a Fairy

    • Dream Spell

    • You Are Love

    • Glissade

    • Sleeping Beauty's Waltz

    • Slow and Fast

    • Reverence (Thank You!)

    • You Are a Dream!



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